Sunday, 16 October 2016

How to Liven Up Your Christmas Tree and Mantel

With the holidays fast approaching, and getting closer than ever before. The idea of Christmas seems to be something that many people want to indulge in, but aren’t ready to face. However, the idea of thinking about this is something important, and whether you put in some faux stone panels or not, it can be a key difference in how your home looks.  This article will go over a few ways to liven up a house during the holiday season.

The first, is if you have any faux stone panels up, try to decorate them with some lights, perhaps a picture, or the like, especially if they’re around a mantel place. The reason being is that sometimes, these natural features don’t get enough love, and sometimes, when you have lights that are there, many times people will get distracted by the way it looks. If your home has any faux stone panels, a great way to make them fit for the holidays is to put decorations around it, even changing the focal point from these panels to the actual decoration you implement. There are some cheap mantelpieces that work well for this, and it’s something you should think about indulging in.

Then there is the factor of the Christmas trees. Many people like to jazz up their Christmas trees over the years, but sometimes, you start to stockpile decorations. You can easily use the same ones over and over again, however, try to add in a few to help liven the place up if you like.  If you want to keep with a color scheme, using a red, white, silver, and gold scheme, such as various ornaments and ribbon that you can get at some hobby stores, you can create a new and interesting sort of tree.

Sometimes even putting some ribbon on top of the tree instead of your typical star or angel can make a difference.  These little ribbons and the like can be found at places such as the dollar store, and you should look into that if you want to create a newer and prettier tree.

Finally, back to the mantel again. If you feel that the mantel needs more, such as you want to include a color scheme in a sense, one of the best ways, is to actually get some red into it.  These reds can really liven up the way a place looks, and these can be super cheap. Checking various home goods stores can yield many red and white items, and decorating that can really bring out the state of your mantel.

The holidays can be stressful, but for those that are into decorating the place, trying some of these various elements can make a difference. Get a hand and feel for them, try them out, and see where they take you during this holiday season. Who knows, maybe this is the jazzing up that your home needed, and could help you in other ways. 


  1. Besides decorating the inside of your home during the holidays place an emphasis on the outdoor living spaces of your property as well. This will add to the overall effect of the holiday season and create warmth inside and outside.

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